About Temple

Our Temple was built in 1999.

There are three altars in the Temple – Gauranitai, Radha and Krishna, and Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra.

The Vadodara temple of Krishna consciousness is a fairly large building. Three large and impressive altars decorated with traditional black and white marble floor, the interior is distinguished by a large dome with paintings, large windows that allow an abundance of light to penetrate the sun, as well as a beautiful carved altar and vyasasana.

The temple includes brahmacaris’ ashram , as well as rooms for elder guests.

On the territory of the Temple there is a beautiful farm with about 60 cows.

A feature of the Vadodara community is the development of deep and caring relations between devotees. This has become the main focus of efforts since 1999, with the introduction of a system of mentors.

The atmosphere in our Temple is favorable for spiritual practice. The temple is clean and well maintained and we have morning and evening services every day.

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